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I am a nature photographer/mentor/writer/all around cheerleader for photography. I shoot digital and film and have even dabbled in development (more on that later as I learn more). If you have a question about photography, I can probably answer it, and if I can’t, I’ll find someone who can!

Blog Posts

  • Basics of Manual Exposure

    Want to know the secret between a ho-hum, average image, and a stop you you in your tracks, beautiful image? Well, truth be told, there’s no one real secret, but a great way to set your images apart is to shoot in manual exposure mode. Once you start shooting in manual mode, you take control […]


  • Out of focus images

    One of my favorite creative techniques is to shoot out of focus images. No really! I think there is something so lovely and evocative about an image that is deliberately defocused. To be clear, I’m not talking about an image with missed focus. That is something very different. Focus tells your viewer were to look, […]


  • Working with the new AI Masking tools in Lightroom Classic (version 14.5)

    Lightroom Classic has recently made a sizeable upgrade to the masking tools. We used to have to mask our subjects manually with the brush tool, and while I always found the Lightroom brushes to be much more accurate in edge masking than the brushes in Photoshop, for any subject with less obvious edges it could […]


  • Why your next photo should come from a photo walk

    How many times have you read a photo tutorial or class and one of the challenges is to “go on a photo walk”? I know I personally have read this many times, and yes, it is actually one of the exercises in my own macro class. While it seems over done, it is actually a […]


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Guess what? I’m Molly and I love photography.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming! But it’s true, I love all thing photography, including shooting, editing, digital, film…I shoot mostly natural light but know my way around a strobe and flash, and I feel ever so much braver when I have a camera in my hand.