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I love old fashioned message boards, and chatting in real time. Give me a still photo that I can linger with over a jumpy video any day. I’ve set out to bring back real tutorials and a place to chat. So happy to have you here; please stay and look around, and always send me an email if you have any questions or need any help.

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  • The Ultimate P52 | Week 5 | Layers

    Week 5: Layers This week we are going to focus on looking for layers within our compositions. Layers add depth and interest to a photo, and help direct our viewer’s eye. Layers also give viewers a reason to linger on a photo, holding our attention as we look through the different areas of the photo. […]


  • The Ultimate P52 | Week 4 | Everyday

    This week is a bit more freeform; I would like to see you capture little bits of your everyday…things and places you might otherwise overlook for their mundane aspects. I admit I was better at this when my kids were small; and sometimes I get really inspired before we move (but we haven’t moved in […]


  • The Ultimate P52 | Week 3 | Water

    A switch from a technique this week, into something purely creative – your take on water. When choosing non-technique themes for this project I tried to be overly broad so that no one would feel stifled by something narrow and hard to find. Water is literally everywhere around us, and one of the elements needed […]


  • The Ultimate P52 | Week 2 | Shallow Depth of Field

    Week 2: Shallow Depth of Field Being able to take photos with a “blurry background” draws a lot of people into photography; I know I definitely was drawn to it when I first started out, wanting to take portraits of my small children with the effect. Although there is a case to make for sharpness […]


Guess what? I’m Molly and I love photography.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming! But it’s true, I love all thing photography, including shooting, editing, digital, film…I shoot mostly natural light but know my way around a strobe and flash, and I feel ever so much braver when I have a camera in my hand.

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