The Ultimate Project 52 (P52) Photography Theme List

I don’t usually embark upon specific photography projects. Well, that’s perhaps not true, I do sometimes start them, but it’s rare that I finish them. I’ve started a P365 more times than I can count, but only finished one. I started a monthly self portrait project in January of this year, that morphed into a weekly project, only to be abandoned by August or so. I’ve bought P52 classes that I’ve never finished. It’s safe to say that I don’t have a great track record here.

And yet, I would like a bit of structure for the upcoming year, nothing as intense as a 365, but something to help me continue to grow my skills and push me just a bit to keep learning. I’ve come up with 52 themes, plus an entire 26 more as alternates. My hope is that I can stick to the defined themes, but if not, I’ll work in an alternate here and there. I would love to have you join me, and please use the tag #lightandmagicp52 on IG so I can keep up with you. We will start on January 1, 2023.

Photo challenges such as P52 or a P365 are great because they make you think about topics and prompts that you might not otherwise have considered, especially if you are looking to really improve your overall photography skills and techniques. Yes, there are likely themes in this list that don’t resonate with you personally, but it’s my decided opinion that shooting things outside your comfort zone can really help you to grow quickly because it makes you think about topics you might not like. Even topics like self portraits help you learn posing, lighting, some technical things about shooting with a self timer or intervalometer.

I really hope you join me along the way and use the tag on Instagram. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to make it easy to find throughout the year.

Follow along with my Project 52 in 2023

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