Portfolio Consistency

When pulling together an entire set of image, often as many as 150 at once, I want you to think about these things. Some of the things I know very specifically the panelists do and do not want to see in an application set. Some are my own beliefs and come from my knowledge of helping others prep over the past several years.

Consistency is a key point to consider and encompasses several things.

On the other hand, consistency in an application portfolio is NOT using the same subject/location/styling for multiple images. If you shoot clients, your clients hire you for consistency, that they can buy multiple images and hang them on a wall and they all look cohesive. Or they want some images for a Christmas card.

But for a portfolio, do not use multiple images from the same session unless they are substantially different from one another. For instance, if you shoot a newborn on a bed, or snuggled up with mom, then having an alternate image of the baby with a close up of toes or clenched fist would be fine. If you would join two images in a diptych so that you are showing alternate perspectives of the same session, then feel free to add both images. But if you take your kiddo to the playground, don’t show 8 images of him on the swings.

In summary:

Follow along with my Project 52 in 2023

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